Comments From Recent HITNOTS Visitors – 6 Pages of Them!!


Absolutely love your site.  Right before my RHIT test, I went through just about all the quizzes.  It helped on the test when it came to POA and fraud / abuse questions.
Nyrshea Williams, RHIT,  AHIMA Volunteer Student Network,  September, 2017

I’ve attended several of the webinars listed in the past. Great resource!

Andie Zurbrick, via Facebook, September, 2017


Thank you so much for listing CEU activities that are free and online.  Your site is the BEST!!!  I always check HITNOTS  for my continuing education needs.

K. Ellison, via Facebook  September, 2017


I just wanted to thank you for providing such a wonderful resource in the HITNOTS website.  I was able to browse the website and I know that I will be utilizing this site often. I appreciate your dedication and passion in our field.  Thanks again!
Cynthia Giddens-Robinson
RN Consultant and RHIA   August, 2017
I utilize the various (HITNOTS) quizzes in my coding, legal, QI, etc. courses as part of their learning process such as for extra credit or on assignments.I can’t express enough how helpful HITNOTS is to my students’ learning.
Gloria Anderson, MEd, RHIA, CCS Professor, Health Informatics and Information Management Programs
Shoreline Community College   16101 Greenwood Ave. N.,  Shoreline WA  98133,   July 2017

I would like to add this site (HITNOTS) to a presentation I’m doing for my class. It will be about all different websites, FB pages, and phone/computer apps that are helpful with research and studying ICD 10 and CPT.

Jaime Graham Gately,  Student,  Tennessee Technology, Knoxville, June, 2016


Thank you, I use so many of the HITNOTS quizzes for my HIT classes and I really like them.  I am a BSN, RHIT. I also teach full time at Central New Mexico Community College in the HIT and EHR programs and I manage the HIT clinicals.  But, I find all of the quizzes helpful,  not only to assign to students, but for personal and professional reasons. But, my students really like the website and for that I am grateful to you for developing it and making it available for free. Awesome!

Romanza Forsythe BSN, RHIT / Educator/Central New Mexico Community College,  May, 2016


I know that many people have mentioned on (AHIMA) Engage that they have used your quizzes as part of their exam prep for an AHIMA certification exam. I have also seen students mentioned they used them while in school. Your website is such a great tool and greatly appreciate by many HIMs.

Sarah R. Keppen, RHIA / Applications Analyst / IT- Software Services / Regional Health , August, 2015

“I am a coding student, preparing to take CCS. I am constantly reinforcing and discovering my understanding. Your site is a fine place to come when I have exhausted my energy for the drier sources of study. Your questions help me dig out specific questions I need to investigate.  I just wanted to make sure you are getting the positive support you deserve.

Louise Smalling, Coding Student    June, 2015


“I really enjoy reading and working with the content. The types of questions for most of the quizzes I reviewed are specific to our HIM Program course content. Whether the questions/topics pertain to Medical Terminology or HIT they offer answer keys for further research and verification. I love the material.”
Pamella Caesar, BS, RHIT, CQMMR , Associate Professor, Prince George’s Community College, Health Information Management Programs, Largo, MD , April, 2015


” I love your site.  I’m a member.  I think you do a fantastic job. Keep up the good work.”

Patrice Olsen, RHIT    April, 2015


“Mary, this site is awesome!  I came across the video The Future of Healthcare:EHR and embedded it in current courses I am teaching.  Thanks

Bonnie Wilkins,  Program Director, Assistant Professor, Saugatuck, MI   April, 2015


“I really enjoy the website and the quizzes.  Since I am in compliance, I have referred the website to my colleagues at SCCE/HCCE forum.  Many have found great value in using this website in their quest to get the Certified in Healthcare Compliance and Certified in Healthcare Privacy Certifications through HCCA. ”

Bill Wong, DC, CHC, CHPC, CCS, CPC //AHIMA Approved ICD-10-CM/PCS Trainer//Sr. Healthcare Consultant,   April 2015


“Mary, I checked out your site.  It is really great!  It has a lot of ways to help code the body systems.  I will have to recommend that to my instructor.  We have used some similar exercises to help us with our program.  Yours is very organized and easy to move around in.  Thanks you for posting.

Jill Sayles  Health Informatics Information Management Program (Student) , Mid-State Technical College in Marshfield, Wisconsin,  April, 2015


“I just saw your posting and went to your web site. I registered and will make use of this information. I think the site is well-organized and what I really think makes it special is that it combines different aspects of health information such as reviewing information and job searching.

Thank you for creating such a nice site for HITs.”

Candy Tiley Administrative Assistant at DataCeutics, Inc.


“I have been following your site almost since you started it, I think it’s a great site!!!  I have recommended it to a few colleagues. I like these quick quizzes, great seeds for the garden – as I say.”

Danita Arrowood, RHIT, CCS, ICD-10-CM/PCS Trainer, AHIMA approved | Education Developer


“Great site.  Thanks for creating it”.

Jean Sutton, via LinkedIn


“I have been using this HITNOTS site in my classroom for months.  Thank you so much for all of your hard work, and for freely sharing your material.”


“A great website Mary. Thank you for sharing and I will definitely refers this site.

The HITNOTS website is a fantastic bridge of knowledge to be used by HIT/HIM students and recent graduates.
Congratulations again”

Elena G. Macias, MISM, RHIA, CHTS-PW, via Linkedin

Health Information System Management


“As a current HIM student, this is a great site. Although I am in Canada and it is not all applicable to me, a lot of the content is very applicable.”

Terri Moore, Student of Health Information Management


“Great site. Thanks”

Christine Jerson, RHIA, Program Director, Health Information Management Technology, Lakeland Community College, Kirkland, Ohio


“It is obvious that you have put in many hours of work on this website.  I appreciate your efforts”.

Ellen Marcina, via Linkedin

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