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About HITNOTS (®), LLC:

HITNOTS (®), LLC, is an American based company doing business in America and throughout the world. HITNOTS is physically located in the Charlotte, North Carolina area.  HITNOTS, LLC has applied for, and will likely received a registered trademark status (®) during the second quarter of 2019. This status is awarded by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (“USPTO”), and indicates that products and services are registered and legally protected.

HITNOTS (®) can serve as a site to access review material critical to the health information technology professional.   This is important in the ever-changing healthcare arena, which includes the HIM Reimagined initiative by the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA), the ICD-10-CM/PCS  and CPT® coding systems, and health IT,  as well as many other emerging technologies .  Also, these reviews can be helpful when studying for personal enrichment and certification exams.


HITNOTS (®) Mission:

*** To provide free, high quality healthcare evaluations in the areas of:

  • medical terminology
  • anatomy & physiology
  • pharmacology
  • ICD-10-CM/PCS coding
  • CPT®  coding
  • regulatory compliance
  • healthcare statistics
  • clinical documentation improvement (CDI)
  • cancer registry
  • other areas significant to the health information field

*** To offer a source for continuing education and certification preparation for healthcare students and professionals

***To provide a source of medical records that can be used for coding, evaluation, and overall study – HITCharts

Together, we can shape a better, more efficient healthcare future worldwide.


HITNOTS (®) quizzes are free, and always will be.



Mary Dudash-White, MA, RHIA, CCS

Founder and President

About the HITNOTS (®) Founder and President:

Mary Dudash-White, MA, RHIA, CCS, is the founder and president of HITNOTS (®), LLC.  Mary is a graduate of The Ohio State University, where she obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Allied Health.  Her Master’s Degree was earned from Wright State University, where she majored in Education with a specialty in Curriculum and Supervision.

After many years of working in the healthcare industry as a Director of Health Information Services and consultant, Mary progressed to the education field.  Throughout her twenty-five years at Sinclair Community College, in Dayton, Ohio, she progressed to a full professor while teaching virtually every course within the curriculum, either face to face or in an online format.  ICD as well as CPT ® coding were her major areas of concentration.

Professionally, Mary has received numerous awards and commendations.  She has served in numerous board positions , including President of her local and state associations.  In addition, she has been active in many committees of the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA).

Upon retiring from the education field, Mary continued to be active in the healthcare field.  She founded HITNOTS in 2013 as a free resource for health information students and faculty.  Hundreds of healthcare professionals visit the HITNOTS website daily for information concerning the healthcare field.


Not Elsewhere Classified Podcast – Mary Dudash-White, MA, RHIA, CCS  –  “For the Love of Teaching” 


HITNOTS (®) Statistics:     (as of January 1, 2019)

  • HITNOTS TOTAL USERS – 103,000 +


HITNOTS (®) Trademarked in February, 2019


Top Locations Using HITNOTS (®) :

  1. United States
  2. India
  3. Canada
  4. United Kingdom
  5. Philippines


  • Most Popular Quizzes:
  1. HIPAA
  2. Sepsis
  3. Medical Terminology
  4. General Coding
  5. Compliance


Services Offered:

  • HITCharts – 104 Ambulatory Medical Records
  • Healthcare Knowledge Review via free, multiple – choice quizzes
  • Listing of free, online CEU offerings by month
  • HITNOTS MARKETPLACE – One stop shopping for the healthcare technology profession


HITNOTS (®) Audience:

  • 83% from the United States
  • 92% female


HITNOTS (®) Feedback:         (Many more comments on the website)

  • I just wanted to thank you for providing such a wonderful resource in the HITNOTS website.  I was able to browse the website and I know that I will be utilizing this site often. I appreciate your dedication and passion in our field.  Thanks again!
Cynthia Giddens-Robinson
RN Consultant and RHIA
  • I utilize the various (HITNOTS) quizzes in my coding, legal, QI, etc. courses as part of their learning process such as for extra credit or on assignments.I can’t express enough how helpful HITNOTS is to my students’ learning.
Gloria Anderson, MEd, RHIA, CCS Professor, Health Informatics and Information Management Programs
Shoreline Community College   16101 Greenwood Ave. N.,  Shoreline WA  98133
  • I would like to add this site (HITNOTS) to a presentation I’m doing for my class. It will be about all different websites, FB pages, and phone/computer apps that are helpful with research and studying ICD 10 and CPT.

Jaime Graham Gately,  Student,  Tennessee Technology, Knoxville


  • Thank you, I use so many of the HITNOTS quizzes for my HIT classes and I really like them.  I am a BSN, RHIT. I also teach full time at Central New Mexico Community College in the HIT and EHR programs and I manage the HIT clinicals.  But, I find all of the quizzes helpful,  not only to assign to students, but for personal and professional reasons. But, my students really like the website and for that I am grateful to you for developing it and making it available for free. Awesome!

Romanza Forsythe BSN, RHIT / Educator/Central New Mexico Community College


  • I know that many people have mentioned on (AHIMA) Engage that they have used your quizzes as part of their exam prep for an AHIMA certification exam. I have also seen students mentioned they used them while in school. Your website is such a great tool and greatly appreciate by many HIMs.

Sarah R. Keppen, RHIA / Applications Analyst / IT- Software Services / Regional Health


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