Do You Have a Digital Portfolio?


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         Do You Have a Digital Portfolio?

A digital portfolio is a showcase of your work, achievements and ideas which is available digitally for anyone you indicate, to view.

Although a portfolio, in general, is very personal, a digital portfolio might contain the following:



• A short paragraph explaining your background
• Your resume
• Any scholarships that you received
• Your completed courses, along with a description of each
• A list of your Supervised Professional Practice sites, with your activities
• A listing of your community service
• Samples of your outstanding projects
• Presentations that you have made, e.g. Powerpoint presentations to a team or work group
• Professional Development activities, e.g. Local or State HIM seminars or meetings attended
• Your awards and achievements
• Certifications that you hold, e.g. CCS or CCS-P
• Your Military service
• Any photos of you receiving awards is a great extra
• Examples of how you have shown leadership
• A listing of both your short term and long term goals

The digital portfolio should contain scanned copies of the actual documents that prove your achievements, e.g., a letter informing you of a scholarship award, a newspaper article of your Dean’s List achievement, actual Powerpoint presentations, images of your certifications, photos of you accepting awards. Be sure to have someone take photos of you while you are involved in your activities. Photos are great additions to a digital portfolio.

The following web site from Louisiana State University provides great examples of how LSU students have constructed their own portfolios. One of my favorites is the portfolio of Rachel Hill from Nutrition Services.

Louisiana State University

There are several sites that offer free digital portfolio software. Research it and critically think about how you might construct your own portfolio. Not everyone will do this. Development of a digital portfolio will put you one step ahead of the others.

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