Using Social Media for Employment

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Looking for a job just isn’t what it used to be. New technologies require new skills for job seekers. Social media is definitely one of the best ways to make contacts with others concerning employment. It allows job seekers to connect with potential employers without an “in person” encounter. The three dominate sites in social media for job seeking are currently LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

Read the social media hints below to help yourself in locating employment.

• Build a professional profile on LinkedIn. LinkedIn allows you to have “connections” with others.
• Use LinkedIn “Endorsements.” This is a feature that allows users to endorse their connections for the skills that they have listed in the Skill & Expertise section of their LinkedIn Profile.
• Utilize a feature of LinkedIn called, “LinkedIn Today”. Use this to stay current about new happenings.
• Create a Twitter account, and become active. Twitter users have “followers”, and they can also “follow” others.
• Add the URLs for your LinkedIn and Twitter accounts to your resume. Your potential employer can gain extra information about you.
• Use Twitter and LinkedIn to follow and connect to the companies that you are interested in. You may be able to obtain access to up to date information about the company, and potential job openings.
• Create a Facebook account. Be selective on what you post on Facebook. You can both help yourself, and hurt yourself.
• On Facebook, be sure to “like” any companies that you are interested in for employment. You will be more likely to become aware of employment opportunities at that company.
• Google yourself. See what you find. Your potential employer will probably do this, as well. Hopefully, what pops up is favorable.
• Use your search engine to research social media for job seekers. You can find many interesting sites.
• Network – Let your friends know that you are looking for a job. Be specific about the type of job you want.

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