Phone Interviews – How Should I Prepare?



Oftentimes, a company will conduct an initial phone interview for preliminary screening with potential employees prior to calling them in for a face to face session. Phone interviews often can narrow the pool of applicants. Your goal should be to get that face to face interview, or even be hired over the phone!!

Use the tips below to assist you in preparing for a phone interview.


• Confirm the date and time of the phone interview.
• Consider providing the interviewer with your “LinkedIn” web address so that they have that information available, and can link a face to a name. The employer can have an opportunity to form a favorable impression of you prior to the phone interview.
• Of course, you should be prepared! Even though you likely have a set time for your phone interview arranged, it can, however, come early. Have everything you need ready an hour prior to the scheduled interview time, if possible.
• Answer the phone professionally. Say your name.
• Stay calm and stay focused. Mind your manners!
• A land line is best for a phone interview, but if you do use a mobile phone, be sure that you have it charged, and that you are in a location with good reception.
• Your resume, as well as a pen and paper should be handy.
• Your employment portfolio, which describes important career accomplishments, should be close by, as well.
• Have you practiced your answers to the questions that you expect to be asked?
• Be sure that your tone is clear.
• Be aware of how you sound to others. Do you use slang, e.g. “you know”, yeah”, etc.?
• Be sure that you are in a quiet area where there will be no interruptions.
• Have your notes and questions ready.
• Be sure you are familiar with the job description.
• Have the company’s web site up on your computer.
• Be sure that you have researched the company prior to the phone interview.
• Of course, do not have gum or anything else in your mouth.
• Conclude the interview in a strong way. Summarize why you would be a good candidate.
• Say, “Thank you”, at the conclusion. Also, send a hand written note or thank you email.

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